Meine Leidenschaft. Mein Beruf. Mein Verband.

Welcome to the BDG

The BDG Berufsverband Deutscher Geowissenschaftler e. V. (German Professional Association of Geoscientists), founded in 1984, is the professional representation of geologists, geophysicists, mineralogists and other geoscientists in Germany. Its 2,200 members, thereof 120 corporate members, are mainly derived from industry and business, from governmental and administrative functions, from geo-consultancies and independents as well as from academic and research institutions.

The BDG actively promotes the professional situation of the geoscientists in Germany by efficiently and prudently lobbying in public, politics, geo-related professions and organizations and by offering comprehensive services to its members. A highlight is the annual award of the "Stein-im-Brett" to a prominent member of society for furthering the recognition of the geosciences and their contributions in public. Through its membership in the European Federation of Geologists (EFG), the BDG is represented in relevant institutions and bodies of the European Union in Brussels. The coordination, reconciliation and harmonization of the varied interests of its professional groups and the new generation of academic graduates is a core competence of the BDG. For the latter, the BDG has successfully launched a mentoring program.

The BDG serves as a forum for the exchange of information and as a mediator between professional concerns and those of science and research. The BDG identifies and voices the rapidly changing job requirements and work qualification standards and proposes appropriate amendments to the academic curriculum of the geoscientific disciplines. The BDG informs its members by newsletters and two different journals.